Mollie (Reserved) ❤️



Dachshund 13 months old chocolate dapple

Mollie is very spirited and needs time to bond with someone (needs a confident owner)

She has a slightly misaligned jaw (wry mouth) but can eat normally, so her owner will need to brush her teeth and keep them healthy and keep a good relationship going with a vet so she doesn’t ever  suffer

The rescue will offer support for her mouth / teeth and of course provide rescue back up for life

A breed experienced, child free home preferred,  and someone savvy with breed traits such as IVDD so a comprehensive insurance plan would be prudent

She is a sassy little madam with bags of character
She is a ‘fear biter’ so it’s important she finds someone who can show leadership to help build her confidence and keep her safe from situations that are stressful for her

Private viewings only by calling 07394367133 / 0116 2864266 / 01455 845701 (no calls after  6 pm)


September 5, 2023 5:44 pm