About East Midlands Dog Rescue

East Midlands Dog Rescue has been rescuing and rehoming abandoned and unwanted dogs and puppies for over 20 years. The rescue centre and kennels are based in Enderby, Leicestershire, but we take dogs in from all over the East Midlands and beyond.

Most of the dogs are cared for in our kennels whilst we try to find loving new homes by appeals on our website and in local newspapers. Some of the dogs have been neglected or have suffered abuse and need sensitive handling. Others require prompt veterinary attention and operations. Fortunately, we have a dedicated team of foster mums and dads and we also receive excellent support from our vets and nursing staff.

Together we are able to save many dogs and puppies that may not have been given a chance in life. On average we help over 200 dogs and puppies each year. We ensure all dogs placed with us are spayed/neutered to help prevent more unwanted litters of puppies.

Advertising costs, food bills and vet fees are paid for by EMDR. Each member of the group works towards the same goals and we hope to be able to offer help to all dogs and puppies that find themselves, for whatever reason, needing a friend.