Our story…

on the 1/6/2010 we gave a rescue all black Cocker Spaniel her forever home she became my 24/7 constant companion where I went my Bessie went we took her on holiday with and everywhere she went everyone fell in love with her.

Then about 8 days ago she started to get picky with her food so off to the vet we went, they said gastro problem put on tablets. Then four days later she refused food and could not even keep water down. we rushed her into the vets where xrays showed something in her tummy and they needed to operate. Then came the phone call no dog owner ever wants to hear. They siad they found Canine Haemangiosarcoma she would need her spleen removed which they did then came the next call it had spread to her liver and we need to come to the vets quickly they would keep her comfortable.

On the 11/5/2015 our little black angel died in our hands.