Several labradoodles



We are looking for very local homes (Leicestershire)

Ages from 4 – 8 years

Both Sexes

All are beautiful souls who need time, patience and routine

All are spayed, neutered and vaccinated

Breed experience preferred

High maintenance coats that will need REGULAR professional grooming (costs need to be considered)

All have sweet, sensitive natures and need owners at home with willingness to provide kind, secure environments

Very worthwhile

Please note we are experiencing a high volume of calls.. we cannot respond to every enquiry

If you are genuinely interested please leave brief message and details and we will get back to as many people as time allows

Once private appointments are booked the process from viewing to homecheck can take a week to ten days so the dogs may still show as available until we Reserve them once we are happy we have found the perfect match

Your understanding is appreciated

0116 2864266

No calls after 6 pm

If anyone in your household is showing signs of covid 19 do not attend your appointment

June 15, 2021 9:55 pm

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