Millie (Reserved)



Labrador 4 years

Sweet, shy and sensitive she needs a quiet kind home where she will blossom into a wonderful pet

Millie is a very worthwhile girl who will be devoted to her new owner

PLEASE NOTE We are getting an unprecedented number of calls. We thank you all for your interest but we simply will not be able to get back to you all. This is nothing personal . We simply cannot respond to every message we get.

If you get through please leave ONE message as we will take note of all names and numbers

It is not a first come first served by any means and we will get back to as many people as possible to arrange private viewings after speaking to anyone that fits the criteria we are looking for

Millie is a very special girl and there are a lot of Lab lovers showing an interest so the main thing is that she will find a lovely home

0116 2864266 No calls after 6 pm

If anyone in your household is showing symptoms of covid 19 please do not attend your appointment

March 23, 2021 4:34 pm

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