Lurcher 3 years old (Brindle)

Flynn has had an unsettled past and being back in rescue will break him

But sadly he’s not an easy dog to deal with so we need a very experienced home

Although he’s very friendly with people he has a very strong prey drive due to a hunting past before he was rescued

This makes him hard to handle in public and whoever owns him MUST continue using a training muzzle and keep him on a lead and avoid public places where other dogs will be present

Please do not apply unless you have owned a very driven sight hound before as this is what he will need

Time, patience and routine

He will not be suitable with other pets

Private appointments 0116 2864266

No calls after 6 pm

If anyone is showing signs of covid 19 do not attend your appointment


April 19, 2021 4:43 pm

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