Dobbie (RESERVED) ❤️



Doberman 7 months old

A lovely lad who has been passed from pillar to post and thankfully is now in rescue where we can make sure he gets an experienced home with a breed experienced owner

He is a big bouncy pup and does exactly what it says on the tin

Guarding breeds needs training and routine

They are incredibly loyal to their owners and need a lot of dedication and work to channel their breed traits correctly

Dobbie is only going to be looking for an experienced kind owner, as we are not prepared to set him up for yet another fail

He has been messed about so much in his short life, another statistic of the society we live in today and the huge increase in breeding since the pandemic

Doberman’s are smart, alert and ‘sensitive’ dogs that don’t cope well with change

If you have the right criteria and live local to us give us a call

0116 2864266

No calls after 6 pm

If anyone is showing signs of covid 19 do not attend your appointment

April 2, 2021 9:41 am

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