Labrador x Akita 7 years

Bram is an amazing dog, and needs a savvy owner who understands his breed traits and can keep him safe

He is so loving and loyal and very obedient and will protect his owner and home

Sadly due to an error of judgement by his previous owner  he was put in a position where he was able to bite the postman which has resulted in him being returned to us

The police have investigated and have given their blessing for him to be rehomed under our umbrella and with our full and ongoing support so we are looking for very local home, within a short distance from our centre (LE19 4PD)

Bram is a joy to walk, he is now muzzled in public and has no issues with that at alL

He is strong on a lead if reacting to other dogs that may invade his personal space so again an owner with common sense a must

He is SO worthwhile and we are hopeful someone will understand how things  can happen when dogs are not supervised

His new owner must be diligent and protect him as much as he will protect them

Bram loves everyone he meets and is a huge favourite here at the rescue where our volunteers all want to walk him

He is a true gentleman and sits at the kerb, is totally housetrained and has a wonderful soul

Pet home only





July 29, 2021 9:41 am