French Bulldog cross Staffie 18 mths old

Blue is confused, highly strung and has moments when he ‘reacts’ to certain situations

he has bitten in a previous home and need a ‘niche’ home

To save wasting time please only apply to show an interest in Blue after reading the following

Blue needs a quiet child free home

A home where he will be the only pet

An owner who is confident and calm

An owner willing to listen to advice from a dog behaviourist on the ‘do’s and ‘dont’s’ needed to help Blue adapt

An owner who has TIME and commitment

An owner with experience of nervous dogs

We will not be rushing into Blue leaving us until we are confident we have found a suitable match

He is a young dog with potential BUT his dominant / aggressive behaviour must be considered as paramount

He is friendly, needy and loving until his nerves get the better of him

To understand him will be a challenge but one that will carry a huge reward


There is NO quick fix for dogs like Blue…. the best thing we can give them is time, routine , leadership & patience
Please note … to arrange a private appointment call 0116 2864266 your call and message will be noted

You only need to ring once

we will get back to you as time allows

If anyone in your household is showing signs of covid 19 do not attend your appointment


November 20, 2020 8:46 am

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