Billy & Bear



Pomeranian & German Spitz 2 years old

This bonded pair are looking for a loving local home

They are sensitive souls who need an experienced owner who can build their confidence and help them settle into a new life

Being lock down dogs they have missed out on some socialisation so their new owner must be prepared to take things slowly and give them time and routine

Billy the Pom is less confident than Bear the Spitz and can seem a little overshadowed at times but also relies on Bears more spirited personality to bolster his own lack of confidence

Both boys will become devoted quickly to a new owner who can understand their needs and spend time building a strong relationship

They are typical of small breed dogs and react to stimulation by yapping and getting over excited so a calm steady approach is needed to expel their energy in these situations

As with any rescue dog it will take TIME to build up a trusting relationship and see them blossom into well behaved pets understanding what is required of them by an owner with patience and leadership


October 4, 2022 1:51 pm