Kokoni 14 months old

In rescue due to previous owners moving and unable to take him with them

Alfie has been out on a foster trial where it has become apparent he is confused about what’s expected of him

The majority of the time he is a delight but when asked to refrain from doing something he has become dominant and bitten

After his flash of temper cools he goes back to being sweetness and light

If Alfie is to stand a chance he must have a completely child free home and an owner who can channel his behaviour in a safe controlled manner

Alfie weighs 7 kg but in his head he’s a giant

He will need time, routine and patience

We still feel he is a worthwhile chap and now we know his issues we  can work with any potential new owners who will have our full support backed up by an animal behaviourist

Public open mornings

Weds 10-12 Sundays 10-1

No appointment necessary

February 22, 2021 11:58 am