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Cocker Spaniel

8 months

This pup has many issues following a bad neglectful start in life with no proper socialising that has developed into him being over reactive and fear aggressive 

Maurice will become DEVOTED to his new owner to the exclusion of all others and this would need to be managed to keep him and others safe

He has so much love to give but is anxious and highly strung which would quickly escalate in an inexperienced environment 

Maurice needs a special someone willing to throw this ‘broken’ mixed up kid the life he needs


He is reactive on walks and very protective of whoever he chooses to be his human 

Such a young dog to have had so much trauma 

His litter sisters and mum have all been rehomed successfully but he is not going to simply fit in to home with ease and really needs to be taken on as a life long project 

Patience, routine, compassion but common sense a must

IF you think you have what it takes to help this boy please visit the rescue on one of our public open mornings