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Cocker Spaniel 10 months 

This mixed up kid has had a horrible start to life 

Bred for profit then neglected, unsocialised and under fed

He has had a brief spell in a loving home environment where he quickly displayed possessive tendencies and fear/ aggressive behaviour which led to him being returned to the rescue 

He likes women more than men and will ‘adore’ his chosen human to the exclusion of all others 

When he loves you he will do anything to please and is the happiest pup around 

He struggles to cope with everyday situations 

We don’t want to give up on Maurice and see him end up as a sanctuary dog at such a tender age but also he must have a responsible person in charge of his safety and that of others 

Ideally we would like a female ‘Cocker savvy’ owner willing to address his needs, work with us and an animal behaviourist and who honestly doesn’t have lots of other commitments etc

He is a devoted companion and is desperate for that special human to love him 

Not suitable for inexperienced owners, people with children including visiting grandchildren, people out at work or who have a busy social life etc