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Bonnie & Clyde (reserved)


About this item

Cyprus Pointers 2 years old

This bonded pair of dogs survived on their wits before being saved by some very kind people who changed their intended fate and gave them the chance of a life here in the UK

Found in a dreadful state they nurtured them and fed them up so they could be vet treated and gain their pet passports 

They are so in love we haven’t the heart to split them up and really want to keep them together 

Initially Clyde arrived on his own when his beloved Bonnie was too unwell to travel and we thought we could rehome him as a single dog but a few weeks later Bonnie had rallied so much she flew over and when they saw each other again it was plain to see the unbreakable bond they had 

They are such a lovely pair of dogs and no trouble 

Timid but friendly and easily won round with a soft word and food

Peaceful, quiet and loving

Very worthwhile