East Midlands Dog Rescue is small a group of volunteers who place abandoned and unwanted dogs in new homes. We never put a dog down and are here for their lifetime.  We ensure they get the best care.  We only rehome them within 25 miles of our centre.

Kennel Opening times

kennels are open every Sunday morning 10am - 1:00pm & Wednesday 10:00am - 12:00pm. All other times by appointment.


We are always in need of items on our Essential Shopping List, if you have any spare used clothes, washing powder, bleach, refuse bags, good quality dog food, then please let us know.


A minimum suggested donation for adopting one of our dogs is 95 to help towards the running of the rescue centre. This does not cover the costs of helping just one dog but at least enables us to continue our operation.


24th July Needing a home updated - no adoption will be considered if you do not visit the centre.


We would like to express our appreciation to Burns for their generosity in supporting us by providing free, regular & high quality dog food.  As a charity it saves us thousands of pounds a year and more importantly for our residents provides regular and healthy meals.

Penny certainly agrees as you can see from the pictures.

Without the support and donations of you all from big companies to big hearted individuals and families we could not do the work we do.



IMG_2206 Jenny Burns
IMG_2154 Jenny Burns

EMDR Charity shop opening times

Opens at 09:00 and closes at 16:30 except on Saturdays when it shuts at 14:30, not open on Sundays.


We have had a very large intake of dogs, all small - medium, males & females. There are many different breeds including French Bulldogs, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Maltese Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and Beagles

Anyone with the time and commitment needed for a dog that needs nurturing and compassion, please VISIT the rescue on Sundays 10-1 pm or Wednesdays 10-12pm. 

You can find us at Pingle Farm, Seine Lane, Enderby LE19 4PD (see Contact Us) (we only rehome within 25 miles of the rescue). No discussions will be held on Facebook but if you are genuinely interested we are happy to talk to you face to face.  

Please do not leave phone messages as there is simply no time to get back to anyone at the moment. We are a very small group of dedicated volunteers and all our time currently is spent caring for the dogs.

Photographs of many of the dogs are on our Facebook page.(https://www.facebook.com/East-Midlands-Dog-Rescue-148933958459991/)

Please note all the dogs need relatively quiet homes and very understanding owners. Thank you.